Damming The Three Gorges

What Dam Builders Don't Want You To Know

A Critique of the Three Gorges
Water Control Project Feasibility Study

Edited By Margaret Barber & Gráinne Ryder

A comprehensive critique of the Three Gorges Water Control Project Feasibility Study. Nine independent experts express their professional outrage at a Canadian government-financed study that recommends building the Three Gorges dam in China, which would require the forcible relocation of one million people and the destruction of one of the world's most magnificent canyons. The findings prompted Probe International to file a formal complaint with the professional engineering associations against Canadian engineering firms for professional misconduct, negligence, and incompetence.


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About the Contributors
Foreword to 1st Edition
Foreword to 2nd Edition
Editors’ Note to 2nd Edition

Chapter 1. Damming the Three Gorges: 1920 - 1993
Chapter 2. What Dam Builders Don’t Want You To Know: A Summary
Chapter 3. Resettlement Plans for China’s Three Gorges Dam
Chapter 4. Three Gorges Reservoir: Environmental Impacts
Chapter 5. Potential Methyl Mercury Contamination in the Three Gorges Reservoir
Chapter 6. Downstream Environmental Impacts
Chapter 7. Unresolved Issues: Perspectives from China
Chapter 8. Flood Control Analysis
Chapter 9. Missing Energy Perspectives
Chapter 10. Dam Safety Analysis
Chapter 11. Sedimentation Analysis
Chapter 12. Economic and Financial Aspects

Appendix A: Resettlement Criteria
Appendix B: Engineering Complaints